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About Us

Who We Are

Paul Properties, Inc. is a leading real estate management firm headquartered in Utah. Paul Properties provides both multifamily and commercial real estate owners and investors with a broad scope of property management and leasing services.

David J. Paul, President and Principal Broker is licensed, insured and bonded. Our company manages some of the finest properties in Southern Utah.

References are available upon request.

What We Believe

Founded in 1982, Paul Properties is built on five basic principles: integrity, quality people, solid market knowledge, responsive customer service, and superior support systems.

These principles combined with a commitment to being the best, enable Paul Properties, Inc. to surpass their competition.

  • Lionel F.
    “I have worked with Paul Properties for a period of about 8 years and for 4 different HOA’s. I was President of the HOA, and so had to interact with the office personnel routinely during the month. I have been totally impressed with the honesty of the group. The office group has always been willing to work with me and the Board members to resolve differences and problems. I would recommend Paul Properties to any group considering either a change, or a move to Professional Management of their associations.”
    Lionel F.
    HOA Board President
  • Denise S.
    “Paul Properties has been so amazing to work with over the years. Their staff is beyond professional, accommodating, patient, and willing to take care of all requests that our neighborhood has ever had. Every time I need something, I know that I can count on them to handle any questions from myself or other homeowners. Paul Properties has been such an incredible resource over the years and I hope they know how much their time and dedication to our neighborhood is appreciated.
    Denise S.
    HOA Board President
  • James E.
    “I have found Paul Properties to be efficient and effective in its management of HOAs. I have also had occasion to observe Paul Properties resolve difficult and emotional community matters with creative solutions which help HOA executives maintain the integrity of the HOA’s organizational goals. Paul Properties maintains a competent staff of people who handle matters efficiently and enthusiastically.”
    James E.
    HOA Board President
  • Dan N.
    “The only worthwhile measurement of a property management company is performance. And this is where Paul Properties excels. They are attentive, professional and efficient in the handling of our Association’s needs - as well as current with the regulations concerning PUD’s. It is very comfortable for me to recommend Paul Properties to anyone.”
    Dan N.
    HOA Board President
  • Rob G.
    “I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Properties since 2003, both as a professional in the Real Estate/Title Industry, and as a homeowner and HOA board member. The staff at Paul Properties is professional, kind, and extremely efficient. They are great at addressing and resolving any situation quickly. Their reputation in our industry is outstanding! I highly recommend their services!”
    Rob G.
    HOA Board Member

Why choose us?

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